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Islamic Reflections

Valentine’s Week – O youth where are you marching towards?

Short Reminder: Woe to every slanderer and backbiter

My Tribute to the proud son of India - Dr. APJ Abdul Kalaam

Give charity with clarity: Let them celebrate Eid with dignity

Have we really achieved Taqwa?

The Last Days of Ramadhan

Ramadan and our habits

Ramadhan - the month of training

Prepare... Ramadhan is on the way.

Motherhood – the best phase of a woman

Sunnah or Profession – your choice

Tears - a beautiful remedy; are you willing to accept?

Our attitude towards children in mosque

Salah – the most important aspect of a Muslim life

Ponder over it – Do you have any?

Which of the blessings of our Lord will we deny?

Get Barakah: Tips to wake up in the morning for Fajr

Greeting Eid Mubarak to Non Mahrams: Is it what we achieved in Ramadhan?

We and Laylatul-Qadr

Music and young generation – An Islamic perspective

The Fitna of World Hijab Day: Lest it become another Bid’ah

Do You Really Love Him? An advice to a wife.

Nip the Evil in the Bud - opt for Early Marriage.

Motherhood – The best Phase of a Woman.

Father - the neglected parent!

Mother – The best Teacher, oops… The best Institution

Father’s son… An abuse to a daughter

Fancy Burqa: Our versions of Hijab

Islam - the only way of Life

I Love her, Do you? An advice to a husband.

Increasing rape cases: the obvious reasons

Animal rights and Eid ul Adha

O Sisters... Do you share your personal number for Islamic messages? Beware!

Dowry and Our Attitude – an Islamic Perspective

Valentine’s Day – an Islamic perspective.

Think over it - Why we have born?

Islam - an Introduction