Iftikhar Islam is a well-known Da'ee* who is most recognized for his lectures and writings on socio-religious, educational, and economic issues and for combining management strategies with Islamic knowledge for an all-round development as required in the modern era. He is devoted to Islamic perspectives on Education, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Economics, and Law.

Childhood & Family:

From among the nine children, being the sixth child and eldest of all the sons, he is brought up in a religious atmosphere since childhood. He had enough freedom to learn Islam from the scholars of different schools of thought. This led him to have a vast exposure of the Faith and current affairs of the Muslim community. He represented Islam from very young age and started preaching it since then.

Education: (Academic & Spiritual)

Till SSLC he studied in Al-Ameen English Medium High School and joined Gogte College of Commerce for intermediate studies (PUC). After completing his Bachelors in Commerce from the same college, he moved forward for Post-Graduation to IIPM School of Business & Economy – Hyderabad and holds a fellowship in Strategic Business Management (Specialization in Finance and Marketing). His passion towards education led him to pursue Bachelors in Law from KSLU – Hubli, and Masters of Arts in English from MANUU - Hyderabad.

Since he is brought up in the religious atmosphere, he started getting spiritual education from his childhood. Being fond of Islam and its values, he attended various workshops conducted by the scholars and da'ees. He has completed Dawah Training Program and also participated in various Dawah Workshops conducted by various students of knowledge and scholars. He is regular in touch with the students of knowledge and scholars so that he works under their guidance.


Being influenced by Dr. Zakir Naik and zeal to serve the humanity, Iftikhar Islam founded GPRF – a non-profit socio-Islamic organisation in the year 2011 and stands firm as the Founder-Administrator since then.

He is also the Administrator & Writer of ‘Passionate Writers’ (a platform for youth to build leadership and management qualities - in an Islamic perspective), ‘Islamic Reasoning’ (a blog dedicated to promote Islamic Ethics & Values within Muslims).

Training, Seminars & Workshops:

He has presented numerous talks and participated in the discussions on Socio-Islamic issues, also conducted many seminars and workshops on Personality Development & Time Management for teachers, parents, and students

He successfully conducted a 10-day Islamic Summer Camp for children, consecutively for four years before COVID-19; as well as participated in numerous Dawah Training Programs for adults. Check Here


Iftikhar Islam realized the wide-gap of Muslim youth with reading, so he started to write motivational articles on Islam and social issues. Since he is fond of educational field, his articles revolve around the subjects like leadership, entrepreneurship, and management; which gets published on ‘Passionate Writers’. He also writes short motivational articles related to Islamic Ethics on ‘Islamic Reasoning’ for Muslims, encouraging them to follow Islam and become a sincere Muslim 24x7. Check Here


Through GPRF, he is connected with AIDCA - All India Dawah Centres Association, an umbrella organisation of registered Muslim NGOs across India that connects its members with each other. He is also connected with KDCA (Karnataka Da'wah Centres Association, a Karnataka chapter of AIDCA and is a part of shoora (council) member of KDCA.

May Allah accept it. Remember in your Dua.