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The Muslim Writers

A platform for Muslim writers to defend Muslim community and present their views.

Passionate Writers

Islamic Reasoning

Networked Organisations

Global Peace and Research Foundation

GPRF is founded by Iftikhar Islam in the year 2011 with an aim to present Islamic view point and contribute in uniting the people of different faiths. As religion plays a vital role in the Indian society so it has an impact on human lives who lives in this territory. Usually, people use religion to divide, but we use religion to unite.

Even with our differences we strive to unite people on the basis of a single creator, there by, we all human creature gets bound with brotherhood. GPRF strives to connect with the people of all faiths in order to achieve harmony and peace.

Excellence Foundation

Since Iftikhar Islam is an ardent of education, he founded Excellence Foundation in the year 2017 to excel his work in the field of education.  The primary work of this organisation is to cater with the new challenges faced in the modern era and come/cope up with the new ways of learning and teaching with modern state-of-art.

We, at Excellence Foundation, believes every child is born genius with various different abilities. As an educator, we need to identify each good quality in the learners and polish it with modern techniques. After all, right education is the only source for better living.

Networked Associations

All India Da'wah Centres Association

AIDCA is an umbrella body of registered organisations in India, operates from Mumbai as Head Office. Through GPRF, Iftikhar Islam is associated with AIDCA to work on the mutual aims to achieve the set goals.

Karnataka Da'wah Centres Association

KDCA is an umbrella body of registered organisations in Karnataka, operates under AIDCA from Mumbai. The Head Office of KDCA is in the city where the Program Manager resides. Through GPRF, Iftikhar Islam is associated with KDCA as well to work on the mutual aims to achieve the set goals.

Iftikhar Islam is a Shoora (council) Member of KDCA and handle 'Media' and 'Legal' sections.